Thursday, 27 June 2013

FOCUS on fabric

Here is the article from the North Shore Times in Sydney last week. My Retro Rugs are famous (as is Jasper in the background). We were doing set up for the exhibition yesterday and 1 lady came in to ask if  "this is the exhibition with the colourful rugs". Unfortunately we weren't open, but it does show the value of the reporting in the local paper.

extraTexture Textile Art exhibition

Here is the Balmain Watch House 2 years ago when we had our first exhibition. Doesn’t it look lovely on a sunny day? Well, dont let the current rain put you off. It is looking fantastic inside for the opening of the extraTexture textile art exhibition tonight, and for our first weekend. We have heaters to take that cool, damp edge off the atmosphere, and a new lighting system really adds a shine to it all .Thank you Balmain Watch House Assoc and lighting designer Pete McLean (who will be at our opening tonight with his lovely wife – and my long time stitching buddy – Barb McLean). Dont forget we are on show for 2 weekends – the 29th & 30th and the 6th & 7th July, as well as next Thursday and Friday 4th and 5th.

Sunday, 23 June 2013


I'm trying some sumptuous surface embroidery a la Sharon Boggon. I'm working on a panel of 3, and am part way through. Each piece is only 3" x 1.5 ". The design is worked up from some of my shell sketches from Karen Ruane's Alchemy Class earlier in the year. My journal sketches and notes are proving useful. This is deliberately quite monochromatic. I think its looking quite chunky, but I'm hoping I'll be able to fix that with more layers of stitching in finer threads.




Sunday, 16 June 2013


My Retro Rugs are absolutely gorgeous aren't they - all my own work and development. Sturdy, soft to stand on, my own (unpatented) finish around the edge so they don't turn up.
Round ones are perfect for bathrooms - in front of the basin/mirror, keep those feet warm while makeup is applied, and the oval ones work well in the kitchen or laundry - any where you stand a lot.
Great also for beside the bed. They add a real softness to contemporary life. Great for newly weds and 21st presents - a bit of retro style when they don't have much to spend ...
... and the dogs like them as well (as you can see Amber has slightly more subtle taste than Caprica in the last post).

"Retro Rugs"

I will be selling my very own Retro Rugs - these are not your average ordinary rug rugs, they have a few innovations to make them very desirable and practical.
Here is Caprica on her favourite one
Did you pick that this is a BRIGHT one, crotcheted with Flannel fabrics 

FOCUS Exhibition in Sydney

Entry is free - would love to see your there

Alchemy class project is ...

I am so proud of myself. Of course having a deadline helped. It will be in my group exhibition starting in 2 weeks in Sydney.
Here is a sneak peak