Saturday, 9 May 2015

the leaf printing journey

Printing with leaves takes a lot of time and experimentation
Printed this paper in my first workshop
with Elizabeth Bunsen
I did lots of embellishing to add interest
The next 3 photos are of current print bundles
Now I get colour & definition of leaf shape
and print on fabric
eucalyptus with casuarina needles creating a fine tracery
on fine merino wool scarf
eucalyptus with grevillia (silky oak)
on silk satin
eucalyptus with a different grevillia
again on silk satin

Friday, 1 May 2015

of course, you don't NEED to look

These are all silk satin scarves
beautiful t-shirt scarves for summer
(just when we are heading into winter!)
this one has a beautiful smoky, hazy effect

Grevillia - very graphic

is it getting monotonous? more printing

these are produced by using wet leaves on dry fabric
lots of scrunchy folds
very distinct but patchy prints
quite a lovely quality