Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Week 10: Fleet July 16 - 22 1787

life was unravelling
Water was allocated sparingly - 3 pints for 24 hours - seamen, marines and convicts alike - 
half in the morning and half in the afternoon (Rob Mundle - First Fleet)

Ann Carey
Mary Carroll
Elizabeth Clark
Mary Cleaver
Elizabeth Cole
Elizabeth Cole
Elizabeth Colley
Ann Colpitts
Charlotte Cook
Ann Coombes
Mary Cooper
Jane Creeke

28 - 39

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Week 9: Fleet July 9 - 15 1787

On the 14th July, the fleet crossed the equator. Rob Mundle (in his book The First Fleet pg105) described the preceeding days and weeks in the doldrums as follows ...

'It was a challenging time for the crew ... no wind, no progress ... At least they (the crew) were in fresh air, unlike the convicts in their dark confines below deck. With next to no ventilation 'tween decks, there was no respite from the oppressive heat for the transportees. It was the closest thing to hell imaginable, and not surprisingly many couldn't cope, either fainting or convulsing in fits.'

Friday, 15 April 2016

Excursion to Ballarat Sampling 2

More layering and stitching from Ballarat
The first 3 pictures show application of some very fine scrim
stitched with wiry black pony tail 'thread'
Loved the use of pony tail
pondering how to use it
Mending with horse hair would have been accessible on the fleet
as they had livestock, including horses

Excursion to Ballarat Sampling 1

I did a class with Sue Ferrari
at Fibre Arts Australia Forum
at Ballarat
I worked stitch into paper, looking at shadows and layers
(I acknowledge paper and stitch techniques of Karen Ruane)

Week 8: Fleet July 2 - 8 1787

Week 7: Fleet June 25 - July 1

Saturday, 2 April 2016

rope from memory 1

Tedium, repetition, echo, recapitulation, rhythm
I am lucky - even with these qualities of my project
I can veer away, adjust, develop and transform
while staying with in my boundaries -
the ebb and flow of life
on the first fleet
figured it wouldn't take too long to
learn the lines
from memory