Monday, 16 January 2012

Starting again

The excitement of having time and calm to create again. My sketch habit isn't ingrained enough to be able to continue with it anywhere and everywhere. I happily packed pencils, sketchbook etc for a 2 week stay in Paris after Christmas - but I didn't touch them. I guess I thought I wouldn't do anything over there justice. I looked and absorbed instead.
Before Christmas I had become stumped with following Sian Martins sketchbook project - with a colour section. I have done some colour reading, and am now quite overwhelmed by the amount of information. I knew there was a colour wheel, but the way that pigments in different colours affect how they go on the paper? I certainly didn't know anything about that.
So, back to "Sketching on the right side of the Brain". Did a few hands to get back into the swing, & then worked a hand on a graphite coloured ground.

Fun. (and you can see where I rushed with my wrist in the bottom left corner)

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