Thursday, 24 January 2013

Alchemy 2013

Now I have begun a 12 week on-line course - Alchemy - with Karen Ruane. So I'm busy working on my ledger - sketching and stitching, and learning about flickr.
Here are my first 2 pages. My theme is Lake Weyba at Noosa, maybe stretching to all lakes around Noosa. The landscape was sketched from the scene while the kids were out sailing. I wasn't brave enough to try to put the pelicans on the rocks, so I've added them on the next page.

On this page I have machine stitched the pelican - not quite the right shape. The landscape is a collage made with scrim, with a lace tree and organza overlay, and machine stitched all over.

1 comment:

  1. your sketching is wonderful, and the pelicans are great - I have never seen one in real life... I often think of them in a cartoon context I suppose, rather than a real bird - it must be because that is the only way I have seen them - perception is a funny thing isn't it?
    Your work is so inspiring, and it will be really interesting to see it all unfold.