Monday, 30 June 2014

why ...

... do we pick up what we do on the beach
The shells make up the personality of Trinity Beach, Nth Qld
The Coconut stalks come from a little bit further north
I am "Considering Weave" with Jude Hill for the next couple of months. Thought I would just go along to listen, but look what happened while on holidays.


  1. you never know, it is contagious.

  2. good beach combing and I am totally envious, it is so cold down here in the Big Smoke this week!

  3. I pick it up because of colour and shape I think. I've loved driftwood since I was a small child - my family had a cabin on a lake in the Yukon and childhood summers were spent there... it had a beautiful sandy beach, freshwater snail shells that crumbled at the lightest touch and "seaweed" that was almost always dark, dark brown. I played with those things far more than with our beach toys, making fences, "plates", teepees and such - the colours and the textures of those days still are my biggest influence... as I'm typing this I can feel the sun and the wind, even now.
    I love this post Jane.