Sunday, 5 June 2016

Week 16: Fleet time 27 Aug - 2 Sept 1787

STILL in Rio

I have some research to do.
The other day I was on a Ferry out on the harbour on my way to Sydney Bienniale at Cockatoo Island. I saw that another ferry was the Borrowdale - the name of one of the first fleet ships. Further examination showed that Sydney Ferries has a whole class of Ferries called the 'First Fleet Class'. In all there are 9, built between 1984 and 1986.
No mention is made of there ever having been 2 more ferries. What happened to the other 2, and which are left out?
The 2 that aren't represented are the Lady Penrhyn and the Prince of Wales. Both of these were female transportation ships. Were they deemed not worthy? Because they carried women?
Shame on you Sydney Ferries.


  1. how odd, I wonder were those 2 never built? or were they built but proved unseaworthy? or... considering the ebb & flow of government policy, did they run out of funding?

  2. I wonder if Lady Penrhyn missed out because they already had a Lady class of vessels and there could be confusion.

  3. All of the original government buildings in Woden (part of Canberra) were/are named after First Fleet Boats and there is or was a Penrhyn House, and Alexander, Fishburn, Scarborough... and the coffee shop was the Sirius cafe.

  4. I'll look into it next time I'm in Canberra - thanks