Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Week 19: Fleet time 17 - 23 Sept 1787

I put the texture/patterning on first

then added the shading

This rope pose is quite a tight knot - I found it hard to get the definition of front and back. My daughter commented that while I am getting good at shading the individual elements, the overall balance of grey scale is very similar. This brings up the thought of my reason for doing these drawings - 1 each week for 37 weeks - the time it took the first fleet to sail to Australia - or the gestation of a premature baby. The 'work' of being a woman and mother has no rules, there is no initial tuition. Our parents teach us the being a girl (hopefully they teach us how to be a confident girl). But being a woman and a mother is learnt on the job. Women form themselves into clusters or knots of friendship and shared experiences. we learn from those around us. My daughter is within one of my knots, so I will endeavour to apply her suggestions.
My actual rope twisting/twining has gone quite slowly over recent weeks as I struggled with my sore wrist, elbow, shoulder. I figured I may have died on the first fleet, as I wasn't able to continue and complete my task. Anyway, I have developed a slightly different technique, so am back to it. The rope is lengthening as the days at sea ebb and flow.
I am currently reading Tim Ingold 'Life of Lines' isbn 9780415576864, so very inspirational as I make and draw rope. And with receipt of a beautiful handbound book 'Writing + Drawing' Ed Ruth Hadlow and Marienelle Basson isbn 9780992524623, I intend to write as I draw and make. Maybe to share here? or not? I'll see.