Saturday, 8 October 2011

Why epocktextiles?

I have been making little bags/pouches/pockets like this for a little while now. Hopefully I will find somewhere to sell them. I need to make some mony to feed my voracious textile art obsession. I have these lovely sandwich tray covers, & I enjoy giving them a second life. Just think of the time that went into their creation. So this is just one ePOCK - it is an electronicPOCKET, or maybe an essentialsPOCKET. There is a cord to wear it over the shoulder or to tie around the waist, or the loop on the back is large enough to thread a belt through.

.....  a very vintage look  .....

.....  teamed with some eye poppping fabric on the back & inside  .....

 opened to the outside on the left ... and the inside on the right  

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