Thursday, 3 November 2011

Retail and marketing - friend or foe

I have developed (maybe its just because I'm just thinking about it at the moment) a bit of a love/hate relationship with retail and marketing - and the ideas behind the buying and selling of the goods in our lives. I mean, they are not called "goods" for nothing - no one would be tempted to go and buy "bads". I've always been the recipient of marketing information, & now, with no idea of what I'm doing (apart from self directed research) I'm making and selling "goods". And, my word, what absolutely marvelous goods they are. I've been rescuing lovely hand embroidered doileys (thats what our grandmothers spent their spare time doing) from left, right and centre, and morphing them into contemporary-vintage electronic pockets (epocks) to carry mobile phones and music players. They really complement this summer's fashions. My first batch is now available for purchase from Marie-France Group - Boutique Hair Salon and Art Gallery in West Pymble in Sydney.

I've created an advertising page
 and here are some of the little pockets themselves

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