Sunday, 22 July 2012

Craft and Art

I guess my favourite comment on the difference between craft & art describes a craft as specific technique. Practice your technique and apply your skill to create a piece of art. (or along those lines). So I have spent the last 3 months or so crocheting rag rugs. Huge amounts of time have been spent re-crocheting when the colours have been wrong, and even more time re-crocheting when the edges have not laid flat. This is not a craft for those with arthritic hands and wrists - it is very physical. I'll upload photos from tomorrow.

Meanwhile here is a section of the amazing midden on cockatoo island - teacups for the white settlers, and oyster shells for the indigenous people.


  1. Hi Jane

    Must have just missed you by just a few days - Claire and I were on Cockatoo looking at Biennale yesterday.

    Interesting comment about craft & art - something I've been thinking/reading about lately. I've heard similar. Do you have a particular source?


  2. Judy, I think it was the comments on your blog that really got me thinking that way!