Tuesday, 19 August 2014

True Colours ... Faded

True Colours
... hanging in the Palm House exhibition -
between work by Diane Groenewegen on the left and
Linda Baranov (the red one) on the right
... hanging in the Palm House exhibition
with light by Anne Schmitz
pink on the right by Lyn Baxter
yellow on the left by Debbie Achurch
dress by Lynne Britten
grey in the background by Val James


  1. Wow , Jane - two exhibitions in one week . Congratulations, your work looks great . Hope to see it all up close and personal!

  2. looking forward to seeing your show on Friday!

  3. The whole show is wonderful, Wilma and Mo, I'm sure you will really enjoy it. I'll be on duty on Saturday, so will miss you Mo.

  4. This looks like a fabulous Exhibition Jane...

  5. it's a wonderful show Jane, will try to get back today before it closes, a bit disappointed that I couldn't take any photos to do a review!

    1. hmmm, if you do go back, give me a call 0418667243 and i will have a word to the girls on duty. a review is a good thing. A few years ago we had someone come in with a sophisticated set up wanting to take pictures for his book - all without warning - which was a bit much as he wasn't interested in acknowledging the artists