Tuesday, 15 March 2016

week 2

I came to this project as I have been researching convict women. I am interested in the history that is left behind. We know a lot about the major figures (usually men) in history, but what about the people who lived their own significant lives and left nothing - ordinary people like me.


  1. love how drawing helps me understand the world, have you seen the Lloyd Rees drawings from the 30's the Museum of Sydney?
    here's a line from a review in Saturday's Australian
    "Drawing... is learning to become conscious of the raw data of perception instead of falling back on what we think we know."
    and a very long link

  2. such a lot in that article to take away - 'distinguishing the mass of visual data' - that is 1 place I am struggling at the moment. Then 'synthesis of lights and darks', and I am drawing a piece of rope, not a whole scene. Then there is whether I can imbue the rope and the series with some sort of connection to the lives of the women as their lives entwined with each other sitting out the interminable days and nights below decks.
    I shall go to see the Lloyd Rees drawings next week - thanks

  3. drawing your rope each week as it grows will build the connections between the past and now, in the wonder of observing how each of the strands moves in and out of the light, over and under. I like to think of this "one precious and wild life"* being as long as a piece of string (with a fair few knots and splices at this stage of the game)
    *The Summer Day by Mary Oliver
    and one of my favourite books is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle it has some lovely thoughts about string and time and stitches