Saturday, 19 March 2016

week 4 fleet time June 4 - 10 1787

Most of this week was spent in port in Tenneriffe. They stocked up on fresh water and supplies. A break in routine perhaps. Not the constant creaking and jolting/rocking of the ship. Maybe some time on deck, eyes drinking in the sight of land. How much longer? How many more storms to weather? How many more nights and days down below?
addition of watercolour - something a bit different
I have written about the exhibition I went to -
The Charged Object - at Gallery Lane Cove
deliberately un-readable.
The ebb and flow of my life
my art practice


  1. the last image, the combination of the illegible text with the blank sections says so much about this journey...

  2. The names of the convict women were forgotten over the intervening years. Luckily their names actually were recorded (quite regularly and diligently) and these records are now easily accessible - thanks in the most part due to technology and the assistance that has provided to (amateur) family genealogy sleuths.
    The words the women uttered, the conversations they had, the secrets they shared - all is lost, just as ours will be.