Thursday, 24 March 2016

Week 6 Fleet June 18 - 24 1787

I am trying not to be discouraged by my
less than inspiring drawing skills
the purpose of the exercise is the tedium of a repetitive task
so some weeks will show more attention than others
not that I specifically want perfection
but some sort of essence would be gratifying

tracing paper
initial group of names of convict women

Mary Abel
Esther Abrahams + Ester Rosanna
Mary Adams
Mary Allen 
Mary Allen 1765 - 1843
Susannah Allen
Tamasin Allen
Elizabeth Anderson
Frances Anderson
Sarah Ault
Martha Baker
Ruth Baldwin
Elizabeth Barber
Elizabeth Bason
Ann Beardsley
Elizabeth Beckford 1718 - 1787
Sarah Bellamy

List of convicts sourced from Mundle, Rob The First Fleet Harper Collins (2014)
Births and deaths from Fellowship of First Fleeters website (accessed March 21 2016)


  1. your layers are like those layered images of the body in an old encyclopedia, with a separate layer for the bones, for the organs, the vascular system, the musculature, etc...

  2. Thanks Mo, I like the layers too. On the one hand they distract me from the task of the repetitive drawing exercise, the tedium , and the ebb and flow of the task I have set myself. On the other hand they allow me to look deeper into the rope, to look at the elements and what they mean, what they suggest. The bones, the musculature, the vascular system - all hidden, but essential parts of the whole.