Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Between the Lines - Day 8

Here is my first Banksia - from a couple of days ago. Pen drawing, the real thing and pencil drawing. The seed pods on the cone here are open and airy. I had found these took a lot of concentration to draw - getting the right-ish number of pods on the cone, & getting their size in the right proportion to the total cone.

And here (below) are some drawings of the internal patterning (between the lines) of a different Banksia that I did today. Much chunkier, tightly packed seed pods on the cone. This cone is also physically much bigger than the previous one. The top 2 drawings are with the side of a 6B pencil - the one on the left is made up of just the smudgy marks, & the one on the right uses some fine lines and more white space. Bottom left is the pen drawing with cross hatching. I found these much easier to do than the first series - maybe because they were so tightly packed, or because I wasn't trying to draw the whole cone. I didn't try to get the orientation of each seed pod right, I went for the overall effect of the pattern of the cone.

I really feel that I have devopled a comfort zone here for myself - drawing shells, banksia - natural forms. I am really going to have to force myself to move on to the next "lesson" - drawing puzzling patterns from fabric.

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