Monday, 19 September 2011

I think its about day 7

Here are some of my big sketches. Tried using an orange highlighter pen - the only one I could find with thick and thin. Also tried out some water based pastels - not as easy as the inktense to use, but not as expensive either.

I went away for the weekend with my 3 kids (my husband was winging his way to Geneva) - to a wedding on the beach at Coffs Harbour (2 kids managed to fit in a surf between the wedding and the reception). Absolute perfection, and very relaxed. We watched the sun rise on the Sunday morning & did some beach combing. The beach had a lot of beautifully smooth stones, & lots of damaged & smoothed shells - similar to those I have been sketching, but skeletons. So I sketched some of those.

Part of the reason behind doing this project & recording it to a blog, is for me to streamline the physical processes of doing & recording, so some of my images are far from perfect. I am photographing, downloading and (often) making digital collages. I like the beautifully organic shapes of these sea worn shells.

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